[Pidgin] #11362: Improved Merging of Contacts

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Sat Feb 13 03:04:09 EST 2010

#11362: Improved Merging of Contacts
Reporter:  marcogallotta  |        Type:  enhancement   
  Status:  new            |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)  
 Version:  2.6.2          |    Keywords:  merge contests
 As of 2.6.2 (I'm not aware of any improvements from the changelists),
 Pidgin suggests possible merging of contacts with the same alias if they
 are in the same group. This only seems to trigger when the alias of one of
 the contacts is edited.

 It would be nice if the merging was suggested more frequently, e.g. when
 moving one of the contacts into a new group (where the same contact is
 already situated) and when a new account is added.

 Taking this a step further, it is often the case that the same contact has
 slightly different aliases on different accounts, e.g. Chris and
 Christopher, one having a middle name the other not, or even slight
 spelling errors. Pidgin should compare the names for similarity and
 suggest possible matches. False positives are, imho, a lot better than
 false negatives here.

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