[Pidgin] #11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12

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#11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12
 Reporter:  dburkard  |        Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  pending    
Milestone:            |    Component:  AIM        
  Version:  2.6.5     |   Resolution:             
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Comment(by Stevan_White):

 The "Received unexpected response" error came back for me too in version

 As explained above, it popped up but AIM continued to work for a while.
 After a couple of hours though, I seemed to lose AIM (not 100% sure what
 happened first--the person I was chatting with disappeared, but it may be
 unrelated).  I re-started Pidgin, and now the error won't go away and AIM
 does not connect.

 So I disabled clientLogin.

 This results in a very long pause (5 min or so) then an error message:
 Unable to connect to authentication server: SSL Connection Failed

 But if I then click on "Reconnect", it seems to connect anyway.

 Disabling SSL makes the problem go away.  If I then re-enable clientLogin,
 the problem is still gone.


 1) SSL in version 2.6.2 works without problems even now[[BR]]

 2) until the above fateful date, 2.6.5 with SSL worked without

 3) Since then 2.6.5 does not function properly with SSL,

 It looks like some change in the AIM server triggers some behavior new to
 version 2.6.5.  Again:  SSL was ''enabled'' in all cases.

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