[Pidgin] #11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12

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Thu Feb 18 11:18:56 EST 2010

#11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12
 Reporter:  dburkard  |        Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  pending    
Milestone:            |    Component:  AIM        
  Version:  2.6.5     |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:            |  

Comment(by jtoth55):

 It's annoying that the pidgin developers keep saying this is fixed when
 it's clearly not. I'm running Pidgin 2.6.5 on Windows 7 x64 and my AIM
 stopped working 2 days ago. Unchecking "Use Clientlogin" and keeping "Use
 SSL" checked does NOT work (yes I have the server set to
 slogin.oscar.aol.com but it gives a SSL handshake error). Doing the
 opposite ("Use SSL" unchecked and "Use Clientlogin" checked does work.)

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