[Pidgin] #10542: GG 8.0 support in Pidgin 2.6.x

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Tue Feb 23 21:34:32 EST 2010

#10542: GG 8.0 support in Pidgin 2.6.x
 Reporter:  kkszysiu  |        Owner:  bartosz  
     Type:  patch     |       Status:  new      
Milestone:  2.7.0     |    Component:  Gadu-Gadu
  Version:  2.6.2     |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  gadu      |  

Comment(by rekkanoryo at pidgin.im):

 (In [d21119dede49bb8c2a1cfb45634f4d976f6f0e8b]):[[BR]]
 Oops, I forgot this.  This is done internally in libgadu, and not doing it
 produces a ton of warnings in libgadu itself.  This does have the
 side effect of masking the warnings in our Gadu-Gadu prpl, but we can
 about that once this stuff works everywhere we need it to.  Refs #10542.

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