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#4456: option to disable wait on status change
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Comment(by deryni):

 It has often been suggested (almost always by MSN users) that the status
 text area should always be visible but it isn't something that necessarily
 makes sense for pidgin to do (given the way pidgin's saved statuses work).
 That being said the text area should always be visible then a manually
 created/global status is selected (if that is not the case I would
 consider that a bug that wants to be fixed).

 However, showing the status text area when a saved status is selected is
 more complicated as what will happen if you type new text is unclear. Will
 it create a new cached status (which will then show up in the middle
 section of the status selector menu)? Will it change the message
 associated with the saved status (and thus delete the old message)? What
 about if the current status is a complex saved status with different
 statuses for different accounts, which status message should it change?
 Should it collapse the complex status down into a simple/global one? etc.

 Do the clients that you were talking about which always display the text
 area support any of the sort of things I was just talking about? If so,
 how do they handle it?

 Selecting a status from the list does select the text entry area
 automatically when a status message is able to be entered (again if that
 does not happen I would consider that a bug that needs fixing).

 Assume you want to change your status from Available with no message to
 Away with some message, why do you want the status your friends see to go
 Available->Away <pause> Away-with-message? How is that a good or useful
 thing? The delay that allows for typing a message allows for that not to

 I will say that I could see merit to having the initial delay be shorter
 than the during-typing delay, but I still wouldn't drop it below half a
 second or a second because I honestly don't see a reason to.

 You do realize how amusing it is to be simultaneously suggesting that we
 are doing things badly by not showing the status text area when a saved
 status is chosen (for which you presumably remember the message) and at
 the same time suggest that we should allow people to choose to hide the
 message text area whenever they feel like it to save space, right?

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