[Pidgin] #12783: icq authorization problems

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Fri Oct 22 07:50:38 EDT 2010

#12783: icq authorization problems
 Reporter:  eidam655                                   |     Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect                                     |    Status:  new        
Component:  ICQ                                        |   Version:  2.7.4      
 Keywords:  icq, qip, pidgin, authorization, problems  |  

 i have noticed some problems regarding ICQ authorization handling in
 Pidgin 2.7.3 and above.

 two scenarios:

 1) authorization between ICQ Pidgin 2.7.3 & ICQ Pidgin 2.7.3 - buddy added
 to the list, with the 'not authorized' icon. authorization re-requests can
 be sent as many as one likes; they all end on the other side with the
 'authorize buddy...?' prompt. unfortunately, granting and re-requesting
 the authorization does not do anything; as if Pidgin thought, that the
 auth is given, but it cannot send it to the server; downloading the info
 from server again, and buddy appears not to be authorized.

 2) ICQ Pidgin 2.7.3 (me) & QIP (friend) - same problem, although i can see
 my buddy online and his statuses (the auth worked this way), but he cannot
 see me. i cannot re-request any authorization; upon his requests, the
 prompt jumps out on me, i confirm it, and nothing happens.

 both problems are reproducible after upgrade to pidgin 2.7.4. i am running
 win vista 32bit.

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