[Pidgin] #12806: pidgin_request_timeout_cb should be removed in pidgin_media_dispose()

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Mon Oct 25 16:35:52 EDT 2010

#12806: pidgin_request_timeout_cb should be removed in pidgin_media_dispose()
 Reporter:  haakon           |     Owner:  Maiku
     Type:  patch            |    Status:  new  
Component:  Voice and Video  |   Version:  2.7.4
 Keywords:                   |  
 If there is still pidgin_request_timeout_cb call scheduled when code
 execution reaches pidgin_media_dispose(), I suggest to remove the
 scheduled timeout.

 When the call is ended in the interval between timeout is added in
 pidgin_media_ready_cb() and the callback function execution (e.g. because
 of error reported from GStreamer), still after the period expires, user is
 asked to accept or decline a call that is already interrupted, which is
 meaningless. Removing the callback when PidginMedia is disposed prevents
 this dialog from being shown. Instead, particular protocol plugin should
 probably report to the user that some error occured on the call

 Also, pidgin_request_timeout_cb then uses gtkmedia PidginMedia structure
 that was already disposed, so it should not be called anyway.

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