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#12805: About pounces
 Reporter:  suyogdixit            |        Owner:  rekkanoryo  
     Type:  plugin request        |       Status:  pending     
Milestone:                        |    Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.7.4                 |   Resolution:              
 Keywords:  buddy  pounce  group  |  
Changes (by deryni):

  * keywords:  buddy  pounce,  group => buddy  pounce  group
  * status:  new => pending


 Why do you need to set your pounces after you install pidgin? They should
 last across installations.

 If you meant keeping them across computers then the pounces.xml file you
 were directed to is as correct an answer as exists and the [wiki:FAQ FAQ]
 should lists its location (search for .purple).

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