[Pidgin] #10312: PPA key should be available for download

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#10312: PPA key should be available for download
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Comment(by zyv):

 taralluccio, you are missing the point. The OP asked if it is possible to
 make the key available from HTTP because the system might have
 restrictions that prevents it from fetching the key using the keyserver
 exchange protocol. The advent of ppa:pidgin-developers/ppa is irrelevant

 I think there is no advantage in copying the key over to Pidgin's website
 so this request has to be rejected.

 The auto-PPA setup package is not a bad idea, but

 1) It is really questionable how high is the demand for this, given that
 there is not so much of these firewalled systems that can't retrieve the
 key automatically and you have to do it manually.

 2) One year and a half passed since this was brought up.

 Maybe it's better to just close this ticket as wontfix.

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