[Pidgin] #10312: PPA key should be available for download

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#10312: PPA key should be available for download
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Comment(by zyv):

 P.S. Actually, as a sysadmin, I find these auto-setup packages quite
 annoying. You have to remember to remove them on software removal or
 upgrades and how many times I've been staring at my sources.list not
 understanding what's going on, just because I overlooked yet another
 source dropped into sources.d by one of this auto-setup things.

 If you'd actually like to implement this, remember to depend the packages
 on it, so that it will be automatically removed upon the removal of Pidgin

 In what concerns the implementation, actually, you just need to drop the
 source file into sources.d and import the key, that you bundle with the
 right inside the install trigger.

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