[Pidgin] #14432: Chatroom list lacks minimizing and maximizing button

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Sun Jul 17 15:16:44 EDT 2011

#14432: Chatroom list lacks minimizing and maximizing button
Reporter:  bartje  |        Type:  enhancement 
  Status:  new     |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)
 Version:  2.9.0   |    Keywords:              
 I have never understood the choice to link the chatroom list window to the
 chatroom. On some linux distro's using compiz the lack of a minimize
 button is overcome, but when you don't use compiz it simply is not there,
 which is in my opinion pretty annoying.

 Also, when it is there, using compiz, the chatroom list pops up together
 with the chatroom when raising it from a panel. This also is a very much
 unwanted behaviour. I find it almost unbelievable nobody else has ever
 noticed this problem, so I guess there must be some kind of philosophy
 behind it which I don't get. If there is, it is very much wrong in my
 opinion. Please make it possible to keep my chatroom list minimized when I
 raise the chatroom from my panel. Of course it can be closed (exited, the
 only option in chatroom-lists), but when I want to change chatrooms, it
 has to load all over again, which takes long, given the huge amount of IRC

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