[Pidgin] #14432: Chatroom list lacks minimizing and maximizing button

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#14432: Chatroom list lacks minimizing and maximizing button
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  Version:  2.9.0        |   Resolution:              
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Comment(by deryni):

 The Room List dialog is not created connected to any other windows
 specifically. It is, however, created as a "dialog" and your window
 manager is deciding that dialog windows do not get minimize buttons and
 should not be allowed to be stacked below other windows from the same

 Whether or not the room list dialog should be created as a dialog type
 window is a discussion that can be had (I'm not sure I think strongly
 about this one way or the other).

 I must profess some confusion as to why you need to keep the room list
 dialog open though. What exactly are you doing that you need to randomly
 see the list of available rooms? Can you not just add the rooms you
 normally use to your buddy list to give yourself quick access to them? Or
 use "/join <channel/room>" from in the window of a channel you are already

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