[Pidgin] #14433: I want to submit translation update for Myanmar (MM)

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#14433: I want to submit translation update for Myanmar (MM)
 Reporter:  dave_ag       |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  translation   |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.9.0     
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 Can you please let me know if you can accept the translation update from
 me? I don't want to start spending my time unless I'm sure you can accept
 translation from me.

 i.e., Any of these conditions met?

     The current translator has told us he/she wishes to retire from
 translating Pidgin
     The current translator has not submitted an update for at least one
 year and does not respond to inquiries.
     The current translator tells us to accept the update and/or treat a
 new translator as a co-maintainer of the translation.
     We become aware through verifiable means that the current translator
 has passed away.

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