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#14432: Chatroom list lacks minimizing and maximizing button
 Reporter:  bartje       |        Owner:  deryni      
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  Version:  2.9.0        |   Resolution:              
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Comment(by bartje):

 In my opinion it is just not logical and useful to have the room list
 window popping up each time I restore the window to the chat room. It even
 is annoying, having to minimize it again and again. If it would be a real
 dialog type it actually should disappear once the room is selected or
 entered. There is the option to get a list of chatrooms, treat it as a
 real window, it has the, in my eyes, obvious advantages.

 To clarify: I do a lot of different things, and need a lot of
 applications. I need audio apps, video apps, graphic apps, development
 apps, learn programming languages, studying on different areas etc... for
 which I sometimes need support, help, hints, suggestions, etc... also for
 what I make, not the software itself. Also because of my OS, linux and
 lot's of different hardware, I need to search for solutions and there are
 plenty of other reasons to enter one or the other room. I sometimes leave
 a chatroom open to  help others too, obviously. Of course I can add all
 rooms in my buddy list, but after a while I have almost as many rooms in
 my budy list as in the 'dialog-window' to choose from them. Also, it is
 not always obvious to find the name of the room you want, even though
 lot's of consistency is present in the naming. So why not keeping that
 list open, to enter the room I need? I don't need them always either. But
 for work or for social chitchat I might need or want enter a chatroom. It
 simply is handy to have it open, as I said before, not having to reload
 them each time when I'd close the list.

 Actually the room list also is the most logical way of working for non-
 techie users. There is a clear and obvious path to follow to get to a
 certain result. Not everyone is aware of the "/join" command. Nor is
 everyone aware of the fact that you can add rooms to your buddy list. New
 users can get very, very confused about these things that are very simple
 indeed, but still to complicated because they don't know about it or are
 not used to it. Very few actually read 'help' documents (my experience at
 least, after years of helping people out on windows and linux. Even
 reading error messages is too much to ask).

 I hope this clarifies some things.

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