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#14449: not receiving messages sometimes
 Reporter:  jtaylor48     |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
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Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.9.0     
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 I sometimes don't receive messages even when both users are logged in.
 (There was another issue involving not received messages when a user was
 logged out.)  It happens in the middle of a conversations where I've
 received other messages both before and after the missed one.

 I know that this happens when communicating with people using Windows Live
 client 2009 (build 14.0.8117.416), and from at least 1 person using Pidgin
 (2.7.9) also, but I don't know if it happens with others or not.

 This was happening to me with an older version of Pidgin (I believe it was
 2.7.11), I upgraded today to the 2.9.0 version and it's still happening -
 it may even be worse now.

 I usually see the "someone is typing..." message but I'm not sure if that
 always shows up or not.

 This is all happening on a system that's connected to a remote site via a
 secure vpn (SonicWALL NetExtender 4.0.140 - it was in place before I
 started having this problem) and the missed messages are comming from 2
 others connected to that same vpn as well as 3 that are in the office that
 the vpn connects us to.

 It doesn't seem to be connected to the length of message - I've missed
 some long ones and some very short ones.

 I don't think I've installed any plugins.

 I did run with the debug window open for a while, but the problem never
 happened then.

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