[Pidgin] #14201: Users with mobile phone information remain "available"

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Sun May 29 10:54:32 EDT 2011

#14201: Users with mobile phone information remain "available"
 Reporter:  Horscht                     |     Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect                      |    Status:  new    
Component:  MSN                         |   Version:  2.7.11 
 Keywords:  MSN mobile phone available  |  

 I have been using Pidgin for quite a while now and just recently noticed a
 weird behavior with MSN contacts that contain a mobile phone number in
 their profile.

 Just recently I got a windows phone 7 device which means that pretty much
 all my MSN contacts now contain their mobile phone number in their

 When a contact with a mobile phone information signs off, he remains as
 "available" on my pidgin contact list even though they are no longer
 available. Sending a message to such a user will have the result that he
 never gets the message. He won't get an SMS and he won't get the message
 delivered to him when he signs on the next time.

 This also clutters the buddy list with contacts that I effectively cannot
 send messages to. Unless I sign off MSN and log back in again. Doing so
 will correctly show these contacts as offline again.

 Now, 2.7.11 is the first version I noticed this behaviour in, but I can
 not yet confirm that 2.7.11 introduced this as the release of that version
 coincides with me getting my WP7 and adding mobile phone information to my
 contacts. I will try with 2.7.10 again shortly and post the results in
 this ticket.

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