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#14206: Icewarp and Skype
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Comment(by MarkDoliner):

 I think that wiki page is editable by anyone with a wiki account--feel
 free to change it.

 I hadn't heard of icewarp.com before... what makes you think they use
 libpurple?  I'm also curious if they use libpurple in a product that is
 given to users, or if it's accessible only over the internet.  If the
 former, libpurple's GPL license would require that the people behind
 icewarp.com distribute the source of their version of libpurple and
 anything that is linked to it if requested by someone who has a license
 for the binary version of icewarp.

 The current set of developers behind libpurple doesn't have the right
 combination of time and interest to develop native Skype support.  If a
 few interested people were to write an implementation and were willing to
 maintain it, I think libpurple developers could be persuaded to include it
 in the main libpurple source tree.  But in general the libpurple
 developers are wary of supporting additional non-open IM protocols.

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