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#14206: Icewarp and Skype
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Comment(by deryni):

 Icewarp appears (from a little time spent on Google) to use libpurple
 (when configured to do so by a customer) and they claim they avoid GPL
 requirements by using a client/server model though the details on the page
 I saw were slim and I didn't feel like really spending the time
 investigating it.

 There is a third-party Skype prpl that we don't maintain. Native Skype
 support is all-but impossible seeing as how, last I knew, the Skype
 protocol had successfully withstood dedicated sustained academic reversing
 on more than one occasion.

 Even if native skype support were remotely possible it still wouldn't be
 likely to happen for the reasons Mark mentions.

 I have no idea how imo.im are offering their Skype connectivity but I
 would strongly doubt that it is "native" protocol support (for the reasons
 I mentioned above).

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