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#14721: need more notification when IM received Windows 7
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Changes (by deryni):

  * status:  new => pending


 If conversation windows are not popping up when you get the first message
 in a conversation then you have conversation window hiding turned on and
 you should turn that off.

 If you are minimizing the conversation window after each message and not
 seeing it restore on subsequent messages you should turn on the Message
 Notification plugin and use its 'present' option.

 The flash setting should be causing the taskbar button to flash the number
 of times Windows is configured to do that (I forget where that setting is
 at the moment). It is entirely possible that Windows 7 has that setting
 set to 0 or 1 and so pidgin just turns blue and stays that way (I don't

 If you want more notification of messages you can turn sound notifications
 on and/or install something like the guifications plugin to get popup
 (toaster) notifications for new messages.

 pidgin (basically) never takes focus it asks for it sometimes it gets it
 sometimes it doesn't that's up to the environment.

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