[Pidgin] #14349: [Feature request] Disable taskbar flashing on "new mail" notification

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Wed Nov 16 13:05:03 EST 2011

#14349: [Feature request] Disable taskbar flashing on "new mail" notification
 Reporter:  jerodast                                           |        Owner:  datallah       
     Type:  enhancement                                        |       Status:  new            
Milestone:                                                     |    Component:  winpidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.9.0                                              |   Resolution:                 
 Keywords:  windows vista flashing taskbar email notification  |  

Comment(by deryni):

 Chat flashing and buddy list flashing are different things. But no, pidgin
 should not (and often does not) control the type, color, or method of the
 flashing merely that "some notification" should be made.

 On Windows there is a Windows setting that controls the count of flashes
 (I believe it is only exposed via TweakUI) and what to do after that count
 passes (I believe).

 On linux that sort of thing is entirely up to whatever application is
 actually flashing (e.g. your panel application).

 I don't have an opinion on whether the buddy list should flash for new
 mail notifications or not (though I lean to thinking that it should) and
 I'm loathe to add a preference for it but I don't know what other
 solutions exist to this sort of problem.

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