[Pidgin] #14766: AIM URI handler - Prompt for AIM ScreenName to handle "action"

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Thu Nov 24 19:47:31 EST 2011

#14766: AIM URI handler - Prompt for AIM ScreenName to handle "action"
 Reporter:  deepblue                        |     Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  enhancement                     |    Status:  new        
Component:  AIM                             |   Version:  2.10.0     
 Keywords:  AIM, URI handler, goim, gochat  |  
 In Pidgin 2.10.0, if the AIM URI handler is registered by Pidgin and
 you're logged into multiple AIM accounts all actions are performed for the
 higher-listed AIM account listed under "Manage Accounts".

 Assume the AIM URI handler (aim://) is registered for use with Pidgin.

 If a user has multiple AIM accounts handled by Pidgin (e.g., AIMUser1 &
 AIMUser2) and both the accounts are logged-in, if a link is clicked that
 utilizes the AIM URI handler, the "action" of the link defaults to being
 performed by the AIM account that is listed higher-up under the "Manage
 Accounts" dialog.

 Sample AIM URI handler-specific links:

 1) aim:goim?screenname=testuser&message=hello+world! (action= pop-up IM

 2) aim:gochat?roomname=chat&exchange=4 (action= auto-enter chatroom)

 If AIMUser1 is listed higher-up (closer to top-most) above AIMUser2 under
 "Manage Accounts", those sample links will be performed by AIMUser1.

 Case 1) AIMUser1 will pop-up a window to "testuser" with the message
 "hello world!".

 Case 2) AIMUser1 will auto-enter the chatroom "chat" (exchange 4).

 Likewise, if AIMUser2 is listed high-up (closer to top-most) than AIMUser1
 under "Manage Accounts", the aforementioned cases will be performed by

 What I'd like to see would be after clicking an aim:// link with any of
 those actions, a dialog prompting me on which AIM account I would like the
 action to be handled by if I have more than one AIM account logged-in.

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