[Pidgin] #14695: Handling of US International keyboard

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Wed Oct 26 09:56:18 EDT 2011

#14695: Handling of US International keyboard
Reporter:  majortom  |        Type:  defect                                                 
  Status:  new       |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)                                           
 Version:  2.10.0    |    Keywords:  keyboard keymapping us usinternational accents deadkeys

 I am a native French speaker, but for various reasons, I use a US keyboard
 with an US-International key mapping.

 I noticed that, on Windows (any version), Pidgin maps certain dead keys
 combination wrongly. For instance, ' + c should give ç, but gives ć, and "
 + spaces gives ¨.

 The bug is not new, I've noticed it for the first time more than five
 years ago. It looks more like a gtk bug than a Pidgin bug, but Pidgin is
 the only gtk app I use on Windows. I never noticed this behavior on Linux
 boxes, so I guess it's a Windows/gtk/Pidgin thing.

 I searched the archives for traces of this bug and found related issues,
 but not exactly the same. All have been closed as "resolved" more than one
 year ago, but the bug clearly still exist. It's hard to write in French
 without the ç character, for instance.

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