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#14695: Handling of US International keyboard
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 Well, on my laptop, right-alt-c produces a ©.

 In fact, I can't really explain why, but '+c for ç feels logical to me.
 The first time I typed with this layout, I guessed it at the first try. Go
 figure. :-)

 I just did an interesting test: I installed the latest Pidgin on my Ubuntu
 11.10 workstation (which uses Ubuntu's standard US-international layout)
 and all the keys (including dead ones) are exactly where they are on
 Windows, in Pidgin as well as on other programs. So I don't really
 understand why gtk on Windows uses an alternate layout (wrong
 correspondence table?).

 I don't know gtk's inner workings at all TBH, but I suppose that it has a
 good reason to use its own low-level keyboard events management. The
 annoying thing is that, even if I find how to compose keys like ç or ",
 I'll be confused each time I IM since all other Windows programs use the
 standard mapping.

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