[Pidgin] #8325: Images in default small smiliey theme missing

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#8325: Images in default small smiliey theme missing
 Reporter:  Michael83  |        Owner:  hbons  
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  new    
Milestone:             |    Component:  artwork
  Version:  2.5.4      |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by rohieb):

 Additionally, I have the following missing smileys in 2.10.0:
 $ for f in `cat /tmp/pidgin-2.10.0/pidgin/pixmaps/emotes/small/16/theme| \
   awk '/^[^\[#=]+.png/{print $1;}'|sort|uniq`; do if [ ! -f small/$f ];
 then \
   echo "non-existing small/$f"; fi; done;
 non-existing small/glasses-cool.png
 non-existing small/glasses-nerdy.png
 non-existing small/mean.png
 non-existing small/nervous.png
 non-existing small/sarcastic.png

 Also I noticed that there is small/16/invincible.png and
 small/16/nerdy.png, which looks like what glasses-cool.png and glasses-
 nerdy.png should probably express, and are not referenced anywhere in the
 "theme" file.

 Note that monkey.png and victory.png are neither in the official tarball,
 nor do they appear in the "theme" file for the small smiley set.

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