[Pidgin] #58: Pidgin user status detection broken on recent sametime servers (meanwhile)

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Wed Apr 18 10:51:20 EDT 2012

#58: Pidgin user status detection broken on recent sametime servers (meanwhile)
 Reporter:  phil                |        Owner:  siege    
     Type:  defect              |       Status:  closed   
Milestone:                      |    Component:  libpurple
  Version:  2.0                 |   Resolution:  fixed    
 Keywords:  sametime meanwhile  |  

Comment(by dmdsoftware):

 I still can't believe this is a problem.  I'm on LMDE with latest
 Meanwhile and Pidgin installed, and I'm having the "users appear offline
 initially after login" issue.  I tried downloading and installing the
 specific meanwhile 1.0.2-3build2 that was provided here, but it didn't fix
 the issue.

 I eventually found someone posted the source and patches here:

 I downloaded
 and the patches (ft_fix.diff, presence_fix_v2.diff,
 1) Unzip/extract the source downloaded (meanwhile_1.0.2.orig.tar.gz)
 2) Copy the .diff files into the extracted directory
 3) patch -p1 < ft_fix.diff
 4) patch -p1 < presence_fix_v2.diff
 5) patch -p1 < status_timestamp_workaround.diff
 6) ./configure
 7) make

 Then copy the src/.libs/libmeanwhile.so.1.0.2 to /usr/lib/

 Then start Pidgin.  It Meanwhile should be fully working (all online users
 should appear as online).

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