[Pidgin] #14930: Contact list isn't getting updated on new events

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#14930: Contact list isn't getting updated on new events
 Reporter:  Unia    |        Owner:  QuLogic
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  Version:  2.10.1  |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by Justin Ryan):

 I'm getting a similar issue, though in my case, the issue does happen with
 Gtalk contacts, not MSN. (I don't use MSN.) I run Pidgin on two boxes
 (desktop and laptop) - both run 24/7. I have buddy pounces set to alert
 when certain contacts go offline, and I noticed I would get a pounce on
 the laptop when one went offline, but not on the desktop.

 At first, I thought it was an issue with the pounces, but eventually
 realised that while the laptop correctly registers the contact going
 offline (I double-checked with Gmail's chat), the desktop still shows them
 as online. Disabling/re-enabling the account in question, or restarting
 Pidgin, on the desktop causes the contact to correctly appear offline.
 There does not seem to be any delay or failure to register contacts coming
 online, or changing status while online.

 Both boxes use the same version of Pidgin (2.10.0), both run the same OS
 (Linux Mint Debian), and both are using the same Gtalk account with
 identical account setup. To my knowledge, there are no relevant
 differences between the systems in preferences or plugins. The issue has
 persisted for some time, though I'm not sure exactly how long (definitely
 in terms of months, if not longer).

 (Commenting here to avoid creating duplicate bugs, but I can file a new
 bug if it would be preferable.)

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