[Pidgin] #15275: IRC colour value non-standard in html log

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Tue Aug 21 19:34:16 EDT 2012

#15275: IRC colour value non-standard in html log
 Reporter:  the9muse                              |     Owner:  elb   
     Type:  defect                                |    Status:  new   
Component:  IRC                                   |   Version:  2.10.4
 Keywords:  irc log color standard compatibility  |  
 mIRC has 16 colours, which Pidgin supports.

 But in automatically saved log (html format), some colour values contain
 spaces and are not recognised by modern browsers.

 These colours include:
 light blue,
 dark blue,
 light green,
 dark green,
 light grey,
 dark grey

 <span style='color: dark green; background: light
 Correct value should be without the spaces.
 <span style='color: darkgreen; background: lightgrey;'>blahblahblah</span>

 Since the colour cannot be recognised, they are not displayed when viewing
 the log in Firefox, Chrome, or IE (9), only Pidgin's built-in log browser
 would shows the correct colour.

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