[Pidgin] #15280: Upgrade webserver for pidgin.im and consistent ssl support?

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#15280: Upgrade webserver for pidgin.im and consistent ssl support?
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Comment(by ioerror):

 Replying to [comment:10 kstange]:
 > I have no idea.  Our new server has free bandwidth, but we're not
 migrated to it yet, and I have no idea what'll ultimately be hosted there.

 Downloads sound like a good idea, I think. :)

 > SourceForge has been our distribution method for the past 15 years or
 so.  I don't make the releases, so I can't get into the why of
 SourceForge.  Maybe someone hates it enough that they'd rather release
 directly on our servers.  If someone wants to host the software locally
 and do all the config to enable SSL, I am not going to stop them.

 Huh, well, I think question is "will Pidgin offer secure downloads?"
 rather than "will anyone stop them?"

 The answer seems like a good way to ensure that users can at least have a
 hope of not being owned right off. It also means that other work to secure
 Pidgin can be taken and not be undermined by it being impossible to fetch
 it and verify it securely.

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