[Pidgin] #15280: Upgrade webserver for pidgin.im and consistent ssl support?

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Mon Aug 27 06:45:29 EDT 2012

#15280: Upgrade webserver for pidgin.im and consistent ssl support?
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Comment(by rekkanoryo):

 Replying to [comment:11 ioerror]:
 > Replying to [comment:10 kstange]:
 > > I have no idea.  Our new server has free bandwidth, but we're not
 migrated to it yet, and I have no idea what'll ultimately be hosted there.
 > Downloads sound like a good idea, I think. :)


 Over my dead body.  The last time I saw graphs, which admittedly has been
 a while, we were using something in the neighborhood of 2-2.5 TB per month
 '''just''' in downloads, per Sourceforge's tracking.  There is no way I'm
 going to ask any hosting provider to donate that kind of bandwidth to us,
 especially when that doesn't take into account trac, project e-mail,
 Mercurial, SSH-based management, serving the website, and running our XMPP

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