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#15296: unable to add buddy 1
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Comment(by dustin):

 I had the same error message appear yesterday on several ICQ accounts,
 every time I log in.
 Also, it wasn't possible to change per-user privacy modes (invisible,
 block), although doing this didn't result in an error message.

 In the `debug.log`, all "special entries" (those with gid=0x0000, except
 for gid=bid=0x0000) were gone from the buddy list, so it makes sense that
 nothing could be stored in these, either.

 (Buddy "1" is not a real account, it's just the name of the Buddy Icon
 number 1, and normally this entry will be either added or modified in the
 buddy list every time you log in. This is what doesn't/didn't work.)

 Today, everything seems to be back to normal (at least here).

 Excerpt from `debug.log` (from today, entries that were missing yesterday
 are marked with '->'):
 (12:33:17) oscar: Reading items from tlvlist for account xxxxxxxxx:
          gid=0x0000, bid=0x0000, list_type=0x0001 [Group], name=(null).
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0001, list_type=0x0004 [PDInfo], name=(null).
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0002, list_type=0x0005 [PresencePrefs],
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0003, list_type=0x0020 [ICQ-MDir], name=ICQ-
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0004, list_type=0x0014 [Buddy Icon], name=1.
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0005, list_type=0x001d [Vanity Info],
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0007, list_type=0x0003 [Deny/Invisible],
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x0008, list_type=0x0019 [Non-Buddy],
 ->       gid=0x0000, bid=0x000b, list_type=0x0019 [Non-Buddy],
          gid=0x0001, bid=0x0000, list_type=0x0001 [Group], name=self.
          gid=0x0002, bid=0x0000, list_type=0x0001 [Group], name=Buddys.
          gid=0x0002, bid=0x0001, list_type=0x0000 [Buddy], name=ddddddddd.
 (12:33:17) oscar: ssi: syncing local list and server list
 (12:33:17) oscar: ssi: activating server-stored buddy list
 (12:33:17) oscar: Modifying item  gid=0x0000, bid=0x0004, list_type=0x0014
 [Buddy Icon], name=1.
 [no more error message about added/modified Buddy Icon as before]

 So this seems to be a temporary problem. (The regular "unable to add
 buddy" bugs (#9034) have not been affected.)

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