[Pidgin] #15297: Do not show buddy list in taskbar (was: Enchanced tray behavior)

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Fri Aug 31 19:27:23 EDT 2012

#15297: Do not show buddy list in taskbar
 Reporter:  renatosilva       |        Owner:  datallah       
     Type:  enhancement       |       Status:  new            
Milestone:  Plugin Suggested  |    Component:  winpidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.10.6            |   Resolution:                 
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Description changed by renatosilva:

Old description:

> 1. Single-click on tray icon to show/hide buddy list[[BR]]
> 2. Do not show buddy list in taskbar[[BR]]
> 3. On minimize, send buddy list back to tray, no maximize button[[BR]]
> 4. On lost focus, send buddy list back to tray[[BR]]
> First change allows easy buddy list recovery for the other ones. Applies
> at least for Windows.

New description:

 At least in Windows, I see no need for showing buddy list in tastbar,
 because it can be already accessed via tray icon, and even with single
 click if #1458 gets implemented.

 Showing buddy list in taskbar makes it harder to switch to chat window for
 grouped taskbar (which is default in Windows 7), and becomes specially
 annoying when you want to do that ''quickly''. Besides that, I see no
 purpose for the buddy list taskbar icon.


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