[Pidgin] #15415: GTalk frequent disconnections

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Mon Dec 3 07:11:56 EST 2012

#15415: GTalk frequent disconnections
 Reporter:  stormherz  |      Owner:  darkrain42
     Type:  defect     |     Status:  new
Milestone:             |  Component:  Google Talk
  Version:  2.10.6     |   Keywords:  gtalk connection
 Pidgin repeatedly drops gtalk connection (every 10-15 minutes or so).

 Related logs part:
 (18:52:56) connection: Connection error on 0xa008078 (reason: 0
 description: server closed the connection)
 (18:52:56) account: Disconnecting account <myaccount>@gmail.com/Pidgin
 (18:52:56) connection: Disconnecting connection 0xa008078
 (18:52:56) connection: Deactivating keepalive.
 (18:52:56) jabber: Sending (ssl) (<myaccount>@gmail.com/PidginA74490FE):
 (18:52:56) connection: Destroying connection 0xa008078

 Account configuration:
 Protocol: XMPP (I changed it to "Google talk" many times but pidgin keeps
 swithing it to XMPP, don't really know if it's a problem)
 Screen name: <my_gtalk_account>
 Domain: gmail.com
 Connection security: Old-style SSL
 Plain-text auth: off
 Port: 443
 Server: talk.google.com

Ticket URL: <https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/15415>
Pidgin <http://pidgin.im>

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