[Pidgin] #15428: Show buddy's full name by default instead of buddy's id (username)

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Thu Dec 13 23:11:37 EST 2012

#15428: Show buddy's full name by default instead of buddy's id (username)
 Reporter:  rayanayar    |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
Milestone:  2.10.7       |  Component:  pidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.10.6       |   Keywords:  buddy full name nickname
 Simple example:
 I add new buddy to list - "manager1 at example.org". This user has vCard:
 Full Name: Alice Smith
 Family Name: Smith
 Given Name: Alice
 Nickname: A.S.
 ... and some other
 At accounts management Alice set her foto as avatar.
 When I add user to my buggy list - Pidgin ignores this in information in
 vCard, and I see just "manager1 at example.org". Besides, I see avatar with
 Alice. But not name.

 I know, that I can right click on buddy and select "Get info". After this
 action Pidgin renames "manager1 at example.org" to "Alice Smith" in buddy
 But why I must do this manually? Why Pidgin doesn't do it automatically?
 Avatars are updated automatically, when user change it. It would be nice
 if Pidgin watch buddies vCard update and automatically change their names
 by field "Full Name". Because...

 Some time later Alice moves to other job and at under account
 "manager1 at example.org" begin to work another user. He fills vCard:
 Full Name: Bob Wood
 Family Name: Wood
 Given Name: Bob
 Nickname: B.W.
 ... and some other
 At accounts management Bob set his foto as avatar.

 But in my buddy list I still see "Alice Smith" (or just
 "manager1 at example.org" if I didn't click "Get info"). Besides, I see new
 avatar - avatar of Bob.

 Of course, I can right click on buddy and select "Get info"...
 But what to do if I have tens of buddies? I can't watch them all the time.
 And what to do if I often must login from different computers. When I add
 my account on new computer - all my buddies are shown like
 "user at example.org". I must click on each of them and select "Get info".
 This is terrible.


 I know about nicknames. Alice or Bob can set nickname in Account menu and
 this nickname will be immediately shown in my buddy list.
 But this doesn't solve the problem - because nicknames are shown only when
 user online. But when user offline I see just "manager1 at example.org".
 Even more confusing that if I clicked "Get info" on user with nickname -
 user will be shown as "Full name" and it doesn't matter - has user
 nickname or not.
 So. When I login - I see username or fullname. When buddy login - Pidgin
 sets his nickname and buddy "jumps" to another position in buddy list. If
 I click "Get info" it renames to fullname and "jumps" again.
 So I must remember and search all three variants in list: username,
 fullname and nickname.

 If Pidgin could save nickname on exit and restore it on start up... This
 could partially solve problem. But doesn't solve situation when I login on
 new computer and some users are offline.


 I would like that buddy name in buddy list:
 1. will be stable (it must be the same when buddy online and when buddy
 2. will be automatically loaded when buddy added (even if buddy offline).
 3. will be automatically update-able by buddies.
 4. won't be changed by actions like "Get info" (it is counterintuitive
 that after this action buddy name will be changed).

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