[Pidgin] #15440: New conversations steals focus

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Tue Dec 25 18:24:57 EST 2012

#15440: New conversations steals focus
 Reporter:  Naketus      |      Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
Milestone:               |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.6       |   Keywords:  new conversation window focus steal
                         |  facebook google talk
 Pidgin's new conversation windows sometimes steals focus from games. This
 is really annoying because I die when suddenly I jump to Windows :)

 I have "Minimize new conversation windows" checked, but still it does
 this. Usually happens with Facebook conversations, not that much with
 Google Talk.

 I am using Pidgin 2.10.6 on Windows x64.

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