[Pidgin] #14874: Alert on unencrypted messages during OTR conversations

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#14874: Alert on unencrypted messages during OTR conversations
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 I do not know enough about how the OTR plugin interacts with Pidgin to
 know whether this is a problem with pidgin or with the OTR plugin. If you
 can confirm that this is not a Pidgin bug, I'll take it up with OTR and my

 When an unencrypted message is received during an active OTR session,
 Pidgin displays that message with a clear warning that it is not

 >The following message received from $USERNAME was not encrypted:

 This is excellent: it's a clear notice of the reduced security of that
 message, without totally concealing it. However, Pidgin does not alert for
 these messages, so unless the user has the conversation window open, they
 will not be aware of it.

 It is my opinion that it would be better if pidgin created an alert for
 this message as usual, so that the user could view the message and make an
 informed decision about how to proceed. I have experienced the situation
 described in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=603559
 several times, and do not think that this is an ideal behavior.

 An even better behavior might allow for a different alert (different
 color/sound &c.) on receipt of unencrypted messages, but just alerting at
 all would be a huge improvement.

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