[Pidgin] #15142: Remove facebook and google xmpp setup

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Fri Jun 1 16:27:16 EDT 2012

#15142: Remove facebook and google xmpp setup
 Reporter:  michaelo        |     Owner:  deryni
     Type:  plugin request  |    Status:  new   
Component:  XMPP            |   Version:  2.10.3
 Keywords:                  |  

 I'm looking at using pidgin in house for 1 of my departments, problem is I
 CANNOT have the option for configuring a facebook or google chat
 connection setup. I need a library that is purely just the XMPP
 configuration and only the XMPP configuration. (for the record im
 referring to the manage accounts add new account setup. If I remove all
 plugins for chat client connections besides libxmpp.dll I am left with
 only facebook(XMPP), google talk, and XMPP. is there anyway I could get
 just a plain XMPP connection by itself in the list and nothing else?

 I'm going so far as to try to learn how to open a dll and 'edit' it to try
 and remove these entries, please help.

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