[Pidgin] #15413: IRC - Flood of "chat invitation" message

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Fri Nov 30 03:50:24 EST 2012

#15413: IRC - Flood of "chat invitation" message
 Reporter:  maar    |      Owner:  elb
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
Milestone:          |  Component:  IRC
  Version:  2.10.6  |   Keywords:  chat invitation

 Possible to flood packets by chat invitations. It's possible to send a lot
 of 'chat invitations' by irc client to PidGin. What happend in PidGin if
 user won't react for question, it will open a lot of windows with question
 "Accept chat invitation?". In case of no answer from PidGin, PidGin
 shouldn't open next question window if it still waiting for answer for
 previous invitation from the same login/sender. If receiver doesn't accept
 invitation than next window with invitation is possible but it shuoldn't
 be possible. Second chat invitation should be ignored by PidGin if first
 window is still waiting for answer. Would be good to block that kind of

 How to reproduce?
 Send more than 1 chat invitation. Receiver(Pidgin client) shouldn't accept

 File: pidgin-2.10.6\pidgin-2.10.6\libpurple\protocols\irc\msgs.c
 Function: irc_msg_invite()
 serv_got_chat_invite() function should be executed only in case if other
 than last user send invitation. There should be some list of logins which
 waits for answer but those list should be unlimitted, eg. 3 nicks can ask
 for chat invitation in the same time.

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