[Pidgin] #1525: Invisible mode doesn't work in Jabber

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#1525: Invisible mode doesn't work in Jabber
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     Type:  defect   |      Status:  closed
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  Version:  2.0.1    |  Resolution:  invalid
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Comment (by bug):

 According to this and several similar "invalid" or "wontfix" cases, there
 appear to be several prevailing definitions of the term "bug", which
 appear to be incongruent but in fact are simply subjective interpretations
 of the same idea.

 From the perspective of the user, a bug is any aspect of a program that
 appears inconsistent with itself, i.e. by creating an expectation for
 certain behavior but without exacting said behavior or providing other
 explanation, e.g. this ticket.

 From the perspective of the developer, a bug is a deviation from the
 programmer's intent, regardless of the user's expectations.  Given that
 users without internal knowledge of the software or its protocols are the
 majority, this can lead to confusion and abrasiveness between said users
 and the "enlightened" developers.

 Wikipedia describes a software bug as "an error, flaw, mistake, failure,
 or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or
 unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways."  Notice how
 expectation and intention correspond to ''both'' of the above cases.  I
 think both users and developers would benefit from considering such issues
 from each others' perspectives, as would the quality of the software
 resulting from such exchanges.

 That being said, I have personally encountered more than a few of these
 cases, toward which the Pidgin developer community has been less than
 accommodating, despite their users' loyalty and willingness to educate
 themselves.  It is therefore my regret to say that Pidgin will no longer
 be my messaging client of choice, until such compromise becomes a two-way

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