[Pidgin] #15342: Pidgin doesn't show the status message of offline buddies

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Fri Oct 5 17:14:25 EDT 2012

#15342: Pidgin doesn't show the status message of offline buddies
 Reporter:  wfatp   |      Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
Milestone:          |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.6  |   Keywords:  offline status message
 This is probably my biggest problem with Pidgin which otherwise works
 reasonably well.

 For example on the native AIM client you could see the status message of
 your buddies even when they were offline. On Pidgin you can't see their
 status and can only the string "Offline" as if you couldn't deduce that
 from the gray x icon next to their entry in the buddy list. For myself and
 those users who look at their buddies' statuses this is quite annoying.

 Obviously AIM was used only as an example and this issue is the same for
 other protocols which support offline status messages as well.

 Strangely enough this is an annoyance not just with Pidgin but with every
 multi-protocol IM client I've seen. The only exception to the above trend
 I am aware of is of all things Digsby an obscure piece of closed source
 Windows only crapware. It's amazing that of all multi-protocol IM clients
 they were the only ones that got it right.

 I understand, respect, and enjoy Pidgin's simple lightweight and unbloated
 interface. However I feel being able to see the status message of offline
 buddies is a feature that should be added. I also feel that perhaps
 feature isn't even the right term and that this is a problem that should
 be fixed. The protocols that support offline status messages do so because
 they clearly believe that users may want to see their buddies' statuses
 even when said buddies are offline. Therefore if possible Pidgin should
 implement these protocols as they were meant to be experienced by their

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