[Pidgin] #14755: bonjour file transfer broken when IPv6 is activated in avahi

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Tue Oct 30 21:45:48 EDT 2012

#14755: bonjour file transfer broken when IPv6 is activated in avahi
 Reporter:  tux                               |       Owner:  datallah
     Type:  defect                            |      Status:  new
Milestone:  Patches Needing Review            |   Component:  Bonjour
  Version:  2.10.1                            |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  bonjour ipv6 file transfer avahi  |

Comment (by tux):

 Changes for the second version of 'bonjour-retry-alternative-address.patch
 * Moves the xmlnode freeing to its own function "xmlnode_free_tree()"
 * Fixes a potential memleak by letting xf->streamhost point to the xf's
 current xml streamhost entry intstead of the next one (which might be
 NULL, thus resulting in xmlnode_free_tree() not freeing anything).


 I applied this patch against pidgin 2.10.6 and did a successful cross
 compilation for Windows following these steps here:

 Therefore, are there really more IPv6 tweaks needed? (also note that the
 changes done to libpurple/protocols/bonjour/bonjour_ft.c
 (add_ipv6_link_local_ifaces() ) are not that different from
 libpurple/protocols/bonjour/jabber.c (append_iface_if_linklocal() ).


 However I spotted another issue and I'm not sure whether this a regression
 of the current, proposed patch or whether that issue has been there and
 hidden before: During a test with 4 simultaneous IP addresses (1x IPv4, 1x
 link-local IPv6, 1x unique-local IPv6, 1x global IPv6) on each of two
 nodes, I was able to successfully transfer a file but now noticed that I'm
 not able to transfer subsequent files. With only one IPv4 address together
 with this patch works fine though.

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