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#15380: pidgin not automatically reconnecting
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Comment (by datallah):

 Replying to [comment:7 andyross]:
 > The design assumption above seems wrong in some cases.  I'm using pidgin
 (on linux) with the pidgin-sipe plugin using Windows AD/kerberos
 authentication.  If I'm not authenticated on the network, this will
 obviously fail.  But that failure (being "fatal", apparently) will now
 *persist* once I reconnect.
 > This is hugely annoying.  I need to manually reconnect every morning
 when I get to work.  And of course I forget and people can't find me.
 > Basically: a failure to authenticate ("Client couldn't do it for some
 reason") is not the same thing as an affirmative failure to authorize
 ("Server says: this user is not allowed"), and it seems like pidgin gets
 them confused...

 The protocol plugin gets to decide if a particular error should be fatal
 or not (so pidgin-sipe could change the behavior that you don't like).
 Based on the backlog, this ticket is actually about a somewhat different
 thing (despite what the first comment says about "Not-Authorized").

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