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#15536: About Skype, Msn closeingdown, and IMO (not directly about thirdparty
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 I start with a little quote from the newspage:
 ''And before anyone goes there, we can’t support Skype.  There is no
 documentation of the protocol available to us, nor is there code we can
 borrow from a cleanly reverse-engineered alternative implementation.  All
 that exists is SkypeKit, whose license agreement explicitly forbids its
 use in open-source software.  The license also forbids use in “server
 applications” which precludes doing something like wrapping a simple
 closed-source XMPP daemon around SkypeKit.  It is not currently possible
 to legally support Skype, so we won’t try.''

 ok so when im on work i ike to use a web client rather than pidgin cuz
 people go crazy if i install anything.
 So i use something like Ebuddy,
 Ebuddy does NOT support Skype,
 but... IMO does, without the need of having skype installed and running
 like the pidgin plugin(thirdparty) for example.

 ''About imo's features:''
 '''(('''If i connect to skype using IMO
 i can chat with people who use skype in the actual client,
 no problem whatsoever.
 I can also make calls but there is a problem,

 When i call from The skype client to my IMO skype, i recieve a message to
 reject or accept call,
 if i accept i cant see the other person both on Skype and IMOskype,
 but i can hear them and talk to them
 so its voice only. '''))'''

 When i call from IMOskype to Skypeclient,
 the Skype client user recieves a link to download IMO if they are on ipad
 or android portoble devices,
 and a link to the imo web client if they are on desktops.

 '''My question is,'''
 is what they are doing illigal?
 when i use the skype thirdparty plugin i need to keep skype running in the
 but imo doenst req

 i doubt a company with a pretty populair service in some country's
 uses illigal features?
 or is it not illigal?
 then can we implent this is in pidgin?

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