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#8988: "Unable to add user"
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Comment (by mmatos):

 To anyone having this issue: it has to do with an MSN (Live) contact that
 Pidgin does not correctly handle. A workaround for this issue is as

 1. Determine which of your MSN/Live accounts is the culprit. You can do
 this by going to  Accounts > Manage Accounts and disabling ALL of your
 accounts. Enable them one by one (and wait at least 30 secs) until you get
 the popup.
 2. Go to http://www.live.com/ and log in to that account.
 3. Use the top left menu to navigate to "People"
 4. Look through your contacts and find any that seem to have no
 information. (No name, etc.) They may be at the very bottom of the list
 5. Delete those contacts.

 Next time you log in the issue should be gone.

 This IS a bug in the Pidgin client but it's probably something that
 affects very few people and is hard to troubleshoot. Unfortunately I have
 been unable to find a way to replicate it, although I believe the issue
 stems from malformed contacts that may have been added by a third party
 client (pidgin, trillian, etc).

 If I find some time in the near future I'll see if I can dig through the
 code and come up with a patch. This bug has been open for way too long.

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