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#15753: Can't use ICQ
 Reporter:  iamthee  |       Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  closed
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  Version:  2.7.3    |  Resolution:  invalid
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Changes (by MarkDoliner):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => invalid


 I suspect none of these problems are actually bugs, so I'm going to close
 this. But someone please re-open if it seems like there is a bug here.

 > When I try to add an account, under Protocol there is no option
 > for ICQ. Only IRC, Google Talk, and XMPP. I am using Tails, an
 > OS designed to provide better anonymity with certain things
 > preconfigured - so perhaps that is the problem, although I have
 > not seen anyone else with this problem so I am skeptical.

 It sounds like you're missing quite a few protocol plugins. You should
 also see AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. How did you install Pidgin? It looks like
 you only have protocol plugins for publicly documented protocols. Maybe
 your distribution puts other plugins in a separate package?

 > Is there a way to reach ICQ anonymously through XMPP?

 It's possible to connect to ICQ through an XMPP transport. You would need
 to find an XMPP server that supports this. And Pidgin doesn't support
 configuration of transports. I think Pidgin is able to utilize transports
 if you've configured them using a different XMPP client, but I don't have
 experience with this.

 > Also, how can I register my own ICQ as a random number? I
 > registered one, but it is using my email and it didn't give
 > me my own fancy ICQ address.

 I don't know. In days of yore ICQ only supported logging in by ICQ#. The
 number of automatically assigned when you created your account (and it
 wasn't random; rather, it incremented with each new account created). I
 suspect that maybe every ICQ account still has a unique ID# associated
 with it. You could try opening Pidgin's debug window (Help->Debug Window)
 and signing in by email address. It might print the ICQ# somewhere in

 But this isn't exactly anonymous, because I suspect your email address is
 still tied to your account.

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