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#16186: Pidgin Clients "Not Authorized"
 Reporter:  PMSanta  |      Owner:  EionRobb
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  Version:  2.10.9   |   Keywords:
 Hello, I downloaded and set up Openfire 3.9.1 using the embedded database.
 I created users in Openfire then began testing with Pidgin.
 I am using Pidgin 2.10.9. I set up Openfire on a Windows 7 Pro PC to test
 (ABC-EFG57.HIJ). "HIJ" being the domain.

 Here are the settings in Pidgin:

 •       Username: Joe
 •       Domain: HIJ
 •       Resource: ABC-EFG57
 •       Password: *****

 •       Connection Security: Require encryption
 •       Connect Port: 5222
 •       Connect Server: ABC-EFG57.HIJ
 •       File transfer proxies: proxy.eu.jabber.org (default)

 •       Proxy type: Use Global Proxy Settings

 I created two users, Joe and John. I can see them in the Openfire
 User/Groups page and the icon is "green" for Available.
 Though when I add each as a Buddy on the other client they show as "Not
 Authorized" and no IM can be sent.

 This is my first try with either application so I am asking if there are
 any ideas of what I may be over looking?
 Thank you in advance for your help. Paul

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