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#16187: weight loss tips for teens
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 toward do the same thing in the absence I just halting back and forth keep
 those core muscles nice and tight the entire time never letting release
 keep those time muscles nice and tight this our muscles nice contracted
 keeping that elbow on that knee perfectly straight the entire time and
 we're almost done just 10 seconds left keep that motion going nice and
 strong so fewer repetitions three you why I'm and let it relax Rs going to
 move on tour next exercise the flutter kicks go ahead and get ready and
 started a both his legs over top those who obstruct one down to the ground
 asserting your speed back and forth nice move even motions keep those legs
 nicest read the entire time those core muscles tense nice and contracted
 those hip flexor is working to get his legs back and forth in this quarter
 Sep the front that's I contracted keep that leg straight to ski p.m.
 ocean-going nice and smooth and control keep those lines open a nice quick
 motion on those legs almost done ten seconds left are a little bit longer
 keeper's legs nicest rate we're almost done so few seconds left 3 to one
 and let it relax very girl is going to move to the next exercise the V
 crunches go ahead get ready and started up those legs up they’re nicer to
 buy those hips kicking out nice and wide about twice sure with the party
 movie position to reach those hands down between his legs crunching
 through those legs as tight as you possibly can the hearty squeeze through
 there the more range emotion you get on those abs the more developed you
 get on those absmartone you need it so just try to really focus on getting
 as much range most as possible get a nice tight squeeze ski begun and
 we're almost done just 10 seconds left skeet emotion go on nice tight
 squeeze the tablet range most in every single times a few seconds left 3
 to one and let her relax are a good job we're moving on to outlast
 exercise the score routine we got a static plank for last one go ahead get
 ready in start-up good governance those toes knows elbows drop those hips
 down ice in Los have straight line for your shoulder down to your ankle
 try to keep those hips as low as he can the entire time I know those abs
 are nice and tired does have certain wannakick up on you but try to force
 them to stay nice and low to get the most service exercise just be really
 careful that you don’t keep those hips loan of the point with a lower-back
 starts to dip you want to keep that lower back
 flat[http://reinereinigen.com/  Detox Max] across don't want that lower
 back to put all otherwise he could hurt that lower backs really folks like
 you a nice trip back those hips nice and low almost done 10 seconds left
 just keep those hips down there keep those abs nice and tight we’re almost
 finished a few seconds left 3 to one and let it relax nicely done as into
 the core section which means all weave left is a cool down

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