[Pidgin] #15125: Connection error from Notification server: Reading error

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Tue Apr 8 17:01:09 EDT 2014

#15125: Connection error from Notification server: Reading error
 Reporter:  pak     |       Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.4  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by OmegaPhil):

 I also get this failure - I use Pidgin to communicate with colleagues, a
 particular user has caused Pidgin intermittent issues recognising him as
 online, and then with sending messages. Removing, adding, going offline
 then online worked allowing me to get presence updates and talk to him
 about a week or two ago.

 Suddenly on one day, in the middle of a conversation, I sent a message and
 Pidgin disconnected. From that point onward he remains offline, and any
 attempt to send a message to him disconnects me. Addition of another fake
 buddy on the same domain causes the same behaviour, almost as though MSN
 suddenly doesnt like the domain (as these are work details it is private,
 but the domain is normal without special characters and is a working
 public domain).

 The following is from the debug window:

 (21:32:02) msn: send IM {test again} to <name>@<company>.co.uk
 (21:32:02) msn: prepare to send online Message
 (21:32:02) msn: send to Yahoo User
 (21:32:02) msn: send UUM, payload{MIME-Version: 1.0
 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
 User-Agent: pidgin/2.10.9
 X-MMS-IM-Format: FN=Segoe%20UI; EF=; CO=0; PF=0; RL=0

 test again}, strlen:154, len:154
 (21:32:02) msn: C: NS 000: UUM 21 <name>@<company>.co.uk 2 1 154
 (21:32:02) msn: servconn 000 read error, len: 0, errno: 11, error:
 Resource temporarily unavailable
 (21:32:02) msn: Connection error from Notification server (
 Reading error
 (21:32:02) connection: Connection error on 0x7fc19624c5b0 (reason: 0
 description: Connection error from Notification server:
 Reading error)
 (21:32:02) account: Disconnecting account <my email address>

 He uses Trillian - I don't think hes a Yahoo user so in my ignorance that
 looks suspicious to start with.

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