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#16210: skin care 103 99
 Reporter:  davidtoonda123      |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  task                |     Status:  new
Milestone:  Completed Web Site  |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.9              |   Keywords:  Delia Bella
 To help feel the shadows and also make them more vivid and last longer
 nothing but I shadow and because fellow on something class thinking clean
 we're actually going to put a beautiful peach pink color onto
 [http://deliabellaantiwrinkle.com/ Delia Bella] her lips birth and thesis
 going to be the be color and then we're going to leave darker color to
 define the I later on so now we're going to take him at Brown just like
 this and this is going to basically calm down the shimmer and also defined
 the eyes beef leak on train but for the eyelid for now we're going to
 define the I and we’re going to use a mat Brown in a bit of black going to
 make the two and we're going to concentrate the color onto her lower lash
 line and work a little bit into the crease and the outer corner a really
 important that this mission plan I'll make about so actually have a dome-
 shaped lucky bras hand the call the blending brush and we're going to
 basically plan the make about surges in planned into the crease now time
 for eyeliner so I liked even liquid liner and this actually in pen for
 which is great because it's really easy to use especially if you're
 beginner and I'm actually going to make sure that I win the tip out so
 that the eyes are basically up and being hole up following week for the
 Atlanta dry were actually going to do the eyebrows birth anyone to go one
 or two she's a little bit darker than her original kind of hair in shape
 or gonnajust fill in and to find them for now we're going to take a penal
 year and we actually going to line the waterline just have to wait and
 thesis just going to open up the I something I'd like to do personally
 approved now time for the mascara and I’m actually get crawler her lashes
 first and then we're going to party with Karen of clashes and this is
 going to be really fun so before it falls and was going to quickly if I
 put it in camp now I'm sure every bride wants of clashes on their wedding
 day and help open up the I and elongate the lashes so I have a pair here
 with me and the way to tell good latch my bad lash is that if you look at
 the river the last .

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