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#16211: care the your face with goodness
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 where be cut out cardboard see you’re getting more material than yes the
 letter yet the popular out the cardboard but the cool thing about that is
 you’re then able to use the negative images %uh the cardboard in your
 crafting at hairs getting them really hope videos today and he's going to
 be talking about how heis using his chipboard stickers maker on an actual
 video right here you never know you never know what's going to happen
 surprise you ever City ACA but the deal is ho great because chipboard
 stickers create range from the Cheney and $4.99range rape me but I am one-
 mile one by one well you're going home her collection only seven dollars
 and well fantastic deal really hope you get your hands on it notional miss
 out on might be we also have a fun love Ray get away now I also did a
 quick little video showing you guys why I love
 right[http://deliabellaantiwrinkle.com/ Delia Bella] so much so make sure
 you check that out any overwhelmed with the amount videos but I figure if
 I put everything in one video you can be sitting there for way too long
 and it you know not going to be effective psychedelic the break it up into
 parts for each day that you know it you're watching and get off at that so
 go ahead and check out a bright kroner I did a little a bright home show
 party awhile back talk a little bit more about the product and I think you
 guys are really going to enjoy them ever since I started usingthem I get
 have made huge changes and I absolutely love the hand care products .

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