[Pidgin] #15901: Inform users about storing passwords in plain text

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Sat Feb 1 07:21:17 EST 2014

#15901: Inform users about storing passwords in plain text
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 Although it is clear from browsing the Pidgin Wiki, most users who use
 Pidgin are not aware that their saved passwords are stored in plain-text
 in accounts.xml.

 The easiest way to indicate this is to have text such as "stored in clear
 text" (not tooltip, but italicized for example) next to the "Save
 Password" check-box.

 This makes it easy for the user to make informed choices.

 Note: One of the major reasons for this request is Google Talk. The same
 password is used for Google Chat (XMPP) and Gmail e-mail; and anybody with
 access to the user's files can easily obtain Gmail password. (Note: it is
 still possible to use Google Chat with Pidgin although doesn't work for
 offline messages after move to Google Hangout).

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